Crying tears of roses,

I have tried, so hard to hold on
But my grasp is so very weak
There seems to be no reason
No joy left to seek

Couldn't finish the poem. Emotions were too strong to find rhyme.
Giving of yourself to others is a worthwhile way to spend time.
But when after so long without getting something in return,
There glows a little ember that despair will fuel to burn.
Why bother is etched in my mind, I know there is never to be
The joy so patiently awaited, will not be coming to me.

No matter what you do, no matter what you say, it is never enough.
Just a few moments of yes there will be an end to days that are rough.
You will be rewarded for all your patience and understanding.
There will come the day where there's no one, no time, demanding.
Only love enjoyed that has always been there.
All struggles abandoned, living for hopes shared.

Only a dream, the real world smothers these fool desires.
My life like a parking meter, time is up, you expire.
Always not enough time, too tired, too many things you have to do.
At the end of it all is there ever anything left for you?
Someday gets further away, then one day your look up to find,
There is still more someday to go and dreams still left in your mind.

I have tried so hard to hold on
My grasp on hope too weak.
Despair has replaced reason.
Relief from pain I seek.

Tears are thorns.

by Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit

Crying Tears of Roses

I cry rose tears for you

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\(o.o)/ ... © ... 1999 - Present Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit ... \(o.o)/
I made this graphic, I wrote the poem, I wrote the html. I felt the pain.

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