Measure of Life Poem by Bee Spit Ruler by bluegenie2

I will give and inch

There shows the measure of my life
Birth to death and in between strife
One inch is infant discoveries
The next is youths undeserved cruelties
Then two for teen search for identity
And two more for the pursuit of liberty
Now half the time allotted drained
The last two spent in fog and pain
Have just squandered three insane
That leaves but one left to use
I will give that one to you
That one inch will become a mile
Infinite in length just like a smile

May I have one of yours?

by Bee Spit

\(o.o)/ ... © ... 1999 - Present Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit ... \(o.o)/

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Ruler made by bluegenie2 Thanks! Check out her site!
I just wrote the poem and put a title on the ruler and cutout the bar

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