Friends Rescue

Days in turmoil, don't know where to turn
Stomach in a knot, head starts to burn
Lost in a crowd, oppressive fears
Can't stop the flow of tears

Holding past sorrows, never let them out
This will only hurt, have no doubt
Your joy will cease, and you can't see
How wonderful life can be

Hold yourself together, there is someone there
You may not realize it, but someone does care
Just meet them halfway, let them heal you
Give in to a friends rescue

You have value, this they will show
They need you too, they want you to know
For what you give them, you will receive
In a friends love always believe

Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit

Rescue Rainbow Bar

\(o.o)/ ... © ... 1999 - Present ... by Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit ...\(o.o)/
Poem, Graphics and HTML by Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit
All Rights Reserved    
Dedicated to friends willing to give
Made in Paint Shop Pro from tubes and clip art

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Graphics by Janet Boyd  aka Bee Spit

Rescue Rainbow Bar

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