Friends Rainbow

A rainbow is such a fragile thing of beauty
A temporary sign after the rain clears
Look one way you can see it in all its glory
One look beyond and the rainbow disappears.

A friend is like the momemtary rainbow
For the true one shines clearly in your eyes
Glory shared, colors deepening the more you know
Others lose their depth from beyond their lies.

A rainbow has a promise so bold
That though the storm is devastating
You will know without being told
That there will be cheery skies awaiting.

A friend will always stand by your side
To listen, defend and comfort your spirit
And no matter what you choose to confide
In their eyes you forever have credit.

A rainbow follows a strict rule
It is there whether or not in view
Although it is a wondrous jewel
It is not always to be for you.

A friend can not be governed
If friendship turns to love you know
That if the love is not returned
You have missed your rainbow.


Rainbow Ball~ Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit ~Rainbow Ball

Rainbow BarRainbow BarRainbow BarRainbow Bar

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Photo from Public Domain Pictures - Anna Langova

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    Poem inspired by a letter I received from a gentleman telling me his story of unrequited love.
He asked me if I could write a poem about this. I hope this touches him.
~ Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit ~