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There is always magic in seeing with your mind, painting from your heart and writing from your soul.


A Note To A Friend

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Bee's Poetry and Friends
My 3D Art
Friendship Quilt
Honey For The Soul
Tribute To Andrea Bocelli
Happy Everything
Depression Ain't Just A Bad Day
Slipping Into Darkness
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Beegrams - Cards
Religions Tenets
Easter - His Way is Best
Visions Of The Universe
My Fractal Art
Crosswinds User Tutorial
HTML Tutorial ( For Newbie)
About Bee
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Humor/Games (updated)
Trip Through The Sixties
What's Your Beef?
Fractal Art
Puter Tek - Parody
Sokoban - Game for the brain
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All of these pages were done many years ago when I first learned to code html and have not been updated.
I went on to build and design for others. I am going to get around to redoing these someday.

Poem for 9 / 11 TRAGEDY

Torn Wing

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We are each other. Male, female, race or beliefs.
We must take better care of ourselves.
In the opinion
of Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit


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