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    Ancient secrets of the henna plant in a unique kit. This semi-permanent creative body art is long lasting and easy to apply. The paste lasts 4 weeks once mixe and the kit contains reusable stencils and a professional applicator. Safe, natural, fine quality henna.

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Mehndi Body Art
Total Bitch Survival Kit
Total Bitch Survival Kit

    Lets face it, everyone knows a Total Bitch. This assertive kit is for those who demand the very best. Each kit contains generous trial-sized samples of the following items: 2 Total Bitch soaps, Electric Shimmer Cream, Bubble Bath, and 1 full-sized Total Bitch Lip Balm!

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Jelly Jewelry

    The hottest accessory since crystal tattoos! Affordable & fun! Colorful & Crazy! Reflective & Translucent! 80's chic for body parts, jackets, or anything else that needs a dose of glitz! 2nd Skin Jelly Jewelry appliqué's are covered with studs, shimmer & shine!

Flower Second Skin
Flying Heart Second Skin
Band Second Skin

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Skin Jelly Jewelery
Green Space Spa Kit
The Green Space

    Rejuvenate from the day's tedium and stress by immersing yourself in the healing properties of medicinal plant extracts. Create your personal pool of stillness in an overcharged atmosphere...a green space as calm and secluded as a sunny forest glade. This beautiful kit comes packed in a clear, zippered bag. Directions: Use whenever the world's distractions overwhelm. Active ingredient: A sense of peace and calm. Other ingredients: Spring Bean Natural Spa Soap, Aromatic Sachet, Aromatherapy Incense, Incense Holder, Wooden Soap Tray.

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The Virgin/Slut Sampler

    Laboratory tested on Virgins and Sluts under the most stringent of scientific conditions this sampler kit contains two full size lotions, full size lip balm and two soaps. The Virgin lip balm keeps lips soft and nubile with its fresh Not-Til-We-Marry-Berry flavor. The Slut lip balm is for the nymph in you (or on you) with its Tart, Tasty,Floozy Fruit flavor. This kit is packed with pleasure! Everything needed for both naughty or nice moods!

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Virgin Slut Sampler
Dirty Girl Massage Oil
Dirty Girl Massage Oil

    Just warm a puddle in your palm and think Dirty Girl thoughts. This perky peppermint oil is not only fabulous when used for a great massage, it can be used in a variety of ways. Add a tablespoon to your bath water for soft, tingly, mint fresh skin! 4oz Glass Bottle.

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Shopper's Dream Candles ~ Our family has been making and selling candles for four generations

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