I'm so tired...

Me on a cliff
    of feeling useless

of not enjoying the good things

    of being made to feel guilty

of not knowing why I feel something

  of letting words hurt me

of letting the lack of words hurt me

    of being ignored

of my acts of kindness not being cared about

    of past traumas harming my present

of fighting the world for a few moments of happiness

    of my reaching out being slapped away

of not being good enough for anyone or anything

    of the permanent kick me sign on my back

of wanting

    of needing

of being talked to, not with

    of being wrong

of only being sought out when someone needs a favor

  of not being desirable

of a few nice words not making up for one offense word

    of saying the wrong thing

of explaining or not being able to explain what I meant to say or feel

    of trying to interpret the words of others

of pretending to be ok

    of a world that fosters prejudice, pain, hate and working to the point of neglecting oneself and others

    of allowing the negitive to outweigh the positive

of the highs and lows of my mind, body, heart and soul

    .....of being me.

by Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit

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\(o.o)/ ... © ... 2000 - Present ...by Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit ... \(o.o)/

The photo is me on a cliff in Sedona, Arizona.

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