Sadness through Happiness

    The fiery sun
    in all its power
    and life giving warmth
    Ra is looking over.

    But setting in the west
    the sky’s orange awe
    and purples blows it softly away.

    Its dead quiet, lonely
    The electric chill
    seizing in its ragged grasp

    But the stars are shining
    in their multitudes
    each a little glistening eye
    looking down upon.

     An era has dawned and set
     a time in life past
     Vivid comforting memories

    Happiness on their faces
     trust in their movement
     love in their eyes
     Happy beyond happy
     for the rose is happy.

    but sadness is all consuming
    as the purple night
    for there will never be
    another day.

    Closing eyes, sleep
    crystal dreams
    chained beyond

     Lost but won but Lost.

    But the loneliness thrashes
    my heart into a thousand
    red roses

    Tearing me apart
    with great force and fury

    The mirror strikes the rock
    never to be the same
    to fall and be swept away
    by wind and rain
    The cold blue depth of the ocean.

     My lost soul seeking shelter
     I am content:
     For it is full circle
            As the beetle.

 © Donovan Roodt (9702) 1997

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