Poems from Kim Burgaard

Traces of Time

I have no past, I have no belongings,
I live today but dream of tomorrow,
without a doubt, without contemplation
I close my eyes and change destination.

Reach for the sky in deep meditation;
visions of gold and earthly temptation
fall from above like rain on a clear day,
colours the world and shows me the right way.

Traces of time and moments of hindsight
telling my story in flashes of stillness
turning around like wheels in slow motion,
spilling their tale with urgent devotion.

What could be done, what could be different?
How can you say you judge my conviction,
how can you know what I should believe in
when you don't know what I am feeling.

by Kim Burgaard

Stride in the Wind

I don't say what I mean, no, that's not it
I don't mean what I say, don't you believe it
Words are only words I play a fools game
and break all the rules, it's all the same.

Lead me to the sea and force me to drink
heartfelt wishful things then leave me to think
heal and mend the good that remains to be
Is that what you want, you want of me?

Too slow to realize I am not the sun,
shinning star in the center, even for fun
But stride in the wind, climb up the hill
take on the world, I can, I will.

How much love do I need to throw away
before I wake up and face the rest of the day.

by Kim Burgaard

Music is Nightwatch on Rama
\(o.o)/ ... © ... 1999 - Present ... by Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit ...\(o.o)/ I thought his poems should bee shared.
The picture I have had for a couple of centuries. If you know the creator, please let me know.

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