Poems by Carmen Camela

My dear friend Carmen ~ a twin soul. Enjoy her poems.


We are two of a kind, my friend and I
We have yet to meet, and some of the reasons why
To the distance, money and commitments we've made.
Even if we never meet, a new foundation has been laid.
This friend, of mine, so rare, I know is true
And my heart is letting me know this too.
We help to cheer, each other, when one is down.
And I can tell, she is a bit of a clown.
We worry about each other when a silent day goes by
And we have to contact the other to find the reason why.
Sometimes, we each, feel each others pain
And understand the depression, sorrow and strain.
We are unable to hug or touch each others cheek.
But our souls have met, and are no longer weak.
We have combined our strengths by letters and phone.
And neither of us will ever be truly alone.
I know we shall meet, in time, it seems
We are friends of the soul, hearts and dreams.

Carmen Camela

She wrote this about our friendship.

Hands of Friendship

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The panic came back today -
Just enough to take my breath away
I cannot sleep, there is too much fear
And it causes so much pain and tears.

Why does this torment reappear?
When I tell my mind and make it clear
That I do not want to feel so forlorn
Why does my mind become so torn?

The blanket of fear wraps around my soul
And takes away what I need to be whole.
I am so weary of fighting this feeling.
That my head is tired and often reeling.

There has to be some relief, I pray.
So I may live life in a normal way.
I long to be happy without all this stress.
But, often, it seems I am so distressed.

I thought, for awhile, the anguish was gone.
But, as you can see- again I was wrong.
I'll take one day at a time, again to see
If this forbidding feeling will ever leave me.

Carmen Carmela

We share pain.

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If people were all the same, how dull it would be
Different personalities, is what makes us, you see.
We need kindness to offset the cruel and the mean
And the comical to help remove the sadness we've seen.

Compassion is needed and very easy to give
Everyday, we should practice, on how to live
More understanding and loving and caring to each
We need to instill in our children, love, as we teach.

Try to practice and remember the one Golden rule-
to do unto others as you would have them do unto you
That is the best advice, my Nana ever gave to me
And it really does work, just wait and see.

I do not understand all the hatred and strife
It does not need to be in this short lived life.
Love and kindess is the way it should be
If only the whole world would wake up and see.

It is too much to ask, and I know it is true
But to think of the pain makes me so sad and blue.
I will do my best to be the best person I can be.
If each one would do this, we would all be set free

Carmen Camela

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Each day is a memory in time
Time-seconds, minutes,hours,days
Run bleakly into each other -
One, seemingly, the same as the next.
I try, often, to change my ways-
By listening and reading numberous text.
Yet, unknowingly, slip back to previous days
Remembering -and not- each memory in time.
Say! Listen - monotony and listen pain.
Go Away! Hear Me! I am a Memory!
So, bring on the sunshine and laughter
And stop the continuous rain.
Each day is a memory in time -
I am a memory - remember me.

Carmen Camela

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The air was warm and the skies were blue
We decided some outside work, we'd do.
The grass was finally a lovely green
And the flowers were the best we'd ever seen.
The the air had such a sudden chill
And we noticed clouds up over the hills.
We came inside, just before the loud clap.
The lightning following, with a big zap.
The storm did not last very long.
The birds returned to sing their songs.
There was a rainbow that took its place -
The colors were lovely and had such grace.
The loons were swimming in the reflection glow.
And a lone hummingbird drank its nectar, so slow.
Spring is here, and we are all so glad
For winter can be so depressing and sad.
This memory is something I will always cherish
From now, until the day that I perish.
It was such a lovely site to behold
That I thought this story should be told.

Carmen Camela

~ Making these pages for her has been a labor of love ~ Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit ~

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