Rough and straight
a perfect platform
yet formless

a keen eye stares
callused fingers
and boundless time
carves the form

cylindrical elongation
tapering to the jaws
at first quickly
later deliberately

repetitive scratchings
eyeing the contours
shaving the space
immaculate third dimension

thought forms
clarity emerges
blossoming in smooth detail
insanity prevails

an artistís prize
and bread
more are to be hatched
endless craving consumers

the mastery
sold frantically
negotiated to nothing
form joins its plural

catching an eye
fierce pricing
reluctance to part
a deal is made

upon my wall
staring down
two perfect faces.

©Donovan Roodt 20080507

Fractal Painting "Ribbon Silk" by Janet Boyd

Ribbon Silk by Janet Boyd

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