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The lady with the hair of gold
had many secrets she'd never told
until one day she met a man many
miles across the land.
He told her his secrets and she told him hers.
He touched her heart with every word.
These were things she'd never heard
His words made her happy
they made her smile if only for a little while.
As often as these stories go.
The lady made a mistake you know.
She told this man many miles away
of the sadness she felt each day.
The story she told him enraged him so
What to do she didn't know
This mysterious man had touched her so
now she was afraid he'd go.
Please don't take away your words
Don't take away the smiles that you've encouraged.
I want speak of sad things again
Just tell me you'll always be my friend.

By Susanne Fitzwater (Theladybfine)

was inspired by a man I never met. His words of comfort truly touched my heart.I may never meet him, but I'll never forget him.

                UNTITLED 1

Have you ever wanted something so badly
that you couldn't get it off your mind?
I have. I do. I find myself thinking about you.
I find myself thinking and hoping that one day,if
only once. I could know the feeling of being in your
arms and feeling your touch. I want it so badly
that the thought often consumes me.
You've made me see that I don't have to be just
someone's plaything. I am a person with feelings,heart
and soul and what I do,what I say and how I feel does matter.
There's more to me than just what's on the outside for the
real beauty lies within. For this I will forever be grateful
to you. For this is how true love begins.

By Susanne Fitzwater (Theladybfine)


I use to look toward the east and not really think much about it. That is the direction in which the sun rises each new morning and I know, that in itself is a beautiful thought. I can picture in my mind standing on the beach looking out over the ocean watching the sun rise, but now when I look toward the east I not only see this picture I see the face of a man I've never even met,but yet this man makes me smile and gives me hope that one day I will have a happy tomorrow.

By Susanne Fitzwater (Theladybfine)

Untitled 2

I wish i had the gift to write
like all the great poets of the world.
I love poetry.
I love words.
Words have magic.
They can give you courage.
They can make you smile.
They can make you cry.
They can give you hope for
a new tomorrow or they can
bring you nothing but sorrow.

By Susanne Fitzwater (The ladybfine)

Poems © Susanne Fitzwater (Theladybfine)

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