Glistening within my hands
The bright new Sunflower
enhanced perfection with the dew it holds.
Stooping down, I claim my own
Never to walk again in the fields.
Cut at the stem
To be with me forever.

Upon my table
within my room.
Glory shines a new day.
The hint of blue within the radiated sheen
reflects my own Sapphire eyes.
And the content heart
The summer for eternity.

But being cut
eventually destroys the beauty
As the Purple Sunflower withers
Petals fall. painfully.
Frantically trying to save
But fate already sealed.
Watching helplessly
crushing within
cupped within my hands.

From colors to brown
From dew to drought
From Life to Despair.

Its head looks at the floor.
Leaves, brittle and cracked.

I return the Sunflower
To the fields
where it belongs.
Having sunshine and moisture
earth and air.

But death is final.
What have I done?
A heart of stone
The blue tear forms.
And as it falls.
forgiveness is asked.

It strikes the Sunflower
shattering its brittle head.
into a multitude of seeds
Dispersed to The Four Corners.
Of The Fields Of Life.
For there is hope
where there is Love.

The tear provides the dew
for the next, like I.
Never will I take for my own again
Never will I have within my room
Sunflowers also have thorns..
as did Roses and Silver Rings.

© D.Roodt 20001

(20001 means it was written in the first quarter of the year 2000)

In the garden

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