Moment in Time

At this moment in time
I am yours, you are mine
Not tomorrow or yesterday
But forever and today

My every thought is of you
You are part of all I do
You have touched me so
My heart is an open window

I have seen your soul
It has made me whole
I have given you my heart
And it is only the start

The sun will only shine
At this moment in time
The sky will always be blue
As long as we are two

Of course this is only in my mind
But I will always have this moment in time

By Bee Spit

Epiphany by Jonathon Bowser

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\(o.o)/ ... © ... 2000 - Present Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit ... \(o.o)/
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Johnathon Bowser Art Link
Epiphany painting © by Jonathon Earl Bowser

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