Life is full of tragedies that are endured,
Through it all we manage to go on.
Knowing someday it will be worthwhile
and the treasure will be won.

Your heart and soul, quiver in the dark,
awaiting the warm safe touch,
of the last piece of your puzzle.
Infusing your soul in one rush.

But simple is not what life has in store,
even once you have become complete.
Despair and Misery lay siege to your castle,
and do their best to bring about defeat.

The heart is weak and may give in.
Preferring the easier way to go
and will not fortify its castle walls,
to hold fast until it would surely know,

that the castle had been defended.
And victory was granted that day.
For some it will be easier,
to slip out the secret passage way.

Return to the safety of the village.
Not the hazard of defending the keep.
There to spend their life regretting,
what for a moment was within their reach.

Until one day there is nothing left,
From memories of what could have been achieved.
For just another foot of stone in their walls.
Their tribulations would have been relieved.

The only thing worse than not finding joy,
is finding it and letting it go wrong.
From a life of holding fast your walls,
to giving up the castle strong.

Standing on the castle walls in the night,
above and below look the same.
It matters not which way to go,
I know why here I came.

~by Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit~

\(o.o)/.... © ..1999 - Present Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit
....not to bee used without my written permission......

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