Home From The Sea by Edvard Hughes Commitment

I have loved you in ages past.
I love you in the present.
My love for you will always last.
My love will never end.

I know that life's woes do not slow
For us to have our few moments
But can't those precious few go
Where our love has substance.

When only talks of weather changed
Hearing only meaningless chatter
Doesn't verify a love proclaimed
And a commitment to forever after

I start to feel it is just a dream
That will never come to materialize.
A coupon that I can never redeem
Causing my destiny's demise.

Please, try to let me know somehow,
Without raising walls or alarms.
But I really need to know this now.
Will we grow old in each others arms?

by Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit

\(o.o)/ ... © ... 2000 - Present ... by Janet Boyd aka Bee Spit ...\(o.o)/

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Painting is 'Home From The Sea' by Hughes

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