Red Sunset

I know your road,
every step you will make,
your closed anxieties
and the emptinesses,
stones you will dismiss
without ever thinking
that, like rock,
I return in you"
I know your
every breath,
all you do not want.
You know well
you do not live,
you cannot recognize it,
and it would be as if
this fiery sky were to
fall back within me
like a scene on an actor"

For love, have you ever done anything only for love?
Have you ever defied the wind and cried out,
divided the heart itself, paid and bet again,
behind this obsession that remains only mine?

For love, have you ever run breathless,
for love, lost and started again?
And you have to say now how much of yourself
you have committed, how much you have believed
in this lie, and it would be as if
this river in flood rose up again to me
like Indian ink to the artist.

For love, have you ever spent everything, reason,
your pride, up to the tears? You know tonight I remain.
I have no pretext, only an obsession
that is still strong and mine inside the soul
you tear away.And I tell you now,
sincere with myself, how much it costs me
to know you are not mine, and it would be as if
all this sea drowned in me.

Andrea Bocelli ©

written by M. Nava